The Beauty Cats were four siblings, three girls and one boy, all born in 1992.  They were found that year, by slumbering, in a shopping cart when they were tiny kittens.

There are not many photos of Nicki, as he died before slumbering had a camera.

Nicki, 1992-2002

Madeleine, 1992-2007

Mary-Jane, 1992-2011

Grendelina, 1992-2012

There is much more to them than their birth-and-death dates, of course.  But it’s all i can do right now. Rest in peace, Beauty Cats.  I love you forever.

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  1. Awwww, I remember than all so well, so sorry they all passed Miri, they did have the best Mum around though. They loved their time with you so much, wish I had met them, feel sad I didn’t. May they rest in peace.

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