Dark Lullabies, originally released in 2006, is her collection of melancholy songs for autumn and winter.

Verda was originally completed in 2007, and released in 2008, and is a more cheerful album for spring and summer.


Can’t Contain Myself is a single, which is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Bandcamp.

Can’t Contain Myself was mastered by the amazing James “Toots” Bouchard.

All of slumbering’s music can be streamed for free, here or straight from Both her albums on Bandcamp can also be downloaded for any price, starting from zero dollars.

Cover Song

Here is her psycho cover of John Lennon’s Jealous Guy. It’s called Honey Pie.


Her collaborations are her favorites. She’s collaborated on over a dozen songs with other musicians on the web. Here is a list of them all, including links to the songs:

Fly with Paul Brazier

L M D O with Paul Brazier

Pussylove with Paul Brazier

Circulus Vitae II with Deadman Turner

The Dragons with Paul Equinox Collins

Forever with Henry

Turn Away, Yesterday with madduane

Divorce Theme (Band Made of Years) with Me and Boris the Bull

Songalong with MO

Warm with Maggie Osterberg

When We Wake with Tim Sherwood

Listening Dream with Stuart Walker

Everybody’s Body is an Ocean (Yeah!) with Stuart Walker and Crunchy Steve Jay on bass.

Finnegan’s Wake with Stuart Walker

Songs Covered

The English folk singer, Rebsie Fairholm covered From a Coffin, which is included on Rebsie’s album, Seven Star Green.

Jim Bouchard covered Going to the Garden.

Kate Dilemma also covered Going to the Garden, which can be heard here:
Slumber in the Garden

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